3. ctinfo

This utility can be used to rapidly query the header of CT-scanner output in various formats. Output is written to stdout in a format conducive to script processing. File formats supported include TXM files (”.txm”), VGI files (”.vgi” with an equivalently named ”.vol” file), or TIFF stacks (specify one of the TIFF filenames and all equivalently sized TIFFs in the directory will be loaded as part of the stack).

3.1. Synopsis

usage: ctinfo [-h] [--version] [-q] [-v] [-l FILE] [-P] input

3.2. Description

-h, --help

show this help message and exit


show program’s version number and exit

-q, --quiet

produce less console output

-v, --verbose

produce more console output

-l FILE, --log-file FILE

log messages to the specified file

-P, --pdb

run under PDB (debug mode)

3.3. Examples

Output information about scan1.txm to the console:

$ ctinfo scan1.txm

For each scan in the directory, write a text file detailing its contents:

$ for f in *.vgi; do ctinfo $f > ${f%.vgi}.txt; done

Output information on all scans in a directory hierarchy:

$ find -name "*.txm" -o -name "*.vgi" | xargs -n 1 ctinfo